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Hiring a Hair & Makeup professional is a great way to help guarantee that you look your best. Having a M&H artist on set may also make it easier to do a quick change, do touch-ups on the fly, and lighten your stress-load on the day.

A good makeup artist will be experienced with both indoor and outdoor lighting, and colour combinations that compliment your hair and skin tone while bringing out your best features.

The main thing to remember is that a successful headshot should not be overly stylized, and instead represent what YOU actually look like. Fresh, clean and vibrant. The more natural the better - if you have freckles or wrinkles, don't cover them up! Casting wants to see what you look like in real life, and what they can expect to walk into their audition room.

Please book your makeup artist well in advance of your shoot day, as their schedules fill up quickly!

We are pleased to refer these wonderful artists:

Heather Orr

Tati Antinossi


If you choose not to have your M&H done by a professional, there are some key elements to remember...

Skin: A good, well-applied foundation to help smooth out skin and hide blemishes is key. It should match your skin well, be evenly applied, and well blended. Again, the natural look is best!

Eyes & Lips: The goal is to make your eyes standout without being over done.  Nothing too dramatic, minimal eyeliner and eye shadow. You shouldn??™t look like you are heading out to a night club or a fancy event. The same goes for lips. Stay away from bright colours such as red and pink. A subtle colour that helps bring out the shape of your lips is more important than using a colour that stands out too much or is the latest “trend."

Hair: Neat and clean, natural and not overly styled. If you have long hair be prepared to do one look with hair out and flowing and another with it pulled back. Keep it simple. You don't want to waste valuable time doing complex hair style changes.

Facial Hair: Plan ahead, choose if you want a bearded/fuzzy look or a clean-shaven look. If you want to do both in one session, you'll need to do a very quick shave -- sometimes this can irritate skin, so be prepared!

We are always happy to answer any other questions you may have!

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