Helpful tips for a Great Headshot

So you've booked a session - now what?

This process is a team effort between actor and photographer (and make-up artists too!). Knowing what you want out of a shoot will make sure you get the most out of one of your most important career investments. 

The most important shot is one that shows who You are. After that, additional headshots that are focused on character types can be added to your portfolio to help your agent submit you for more specific roles. Think about what character types you are interested in being seen as. It is not uncommon to have a few different headshots that show different looks for specific networks or shows.

Hair & Makeup

Make sure to book your H&M artist right away, as their schedules tend to fill up well in advance!

Clothing & Accessories

It is important to remember that, based on the length of your session, it is good to plan 1-3 looks. Keep in mind that you don't want to waste time changing outfits or hair. The more time spent primping, the less time spent shooting. If you know you need more time, additional time can be purchased to add onto a session to allow for more variations. Plan for what you are trying to accomplish with this shoot, rather than trying to do all possible combinations at once.

Well-fitting clothing in neutral colours work best. Stay away from anything that has logos, bold colours or patterns. Stay away from any clothing that is too frilly or bouncy… the focus should be on your face, not overpowered by your clothing.

Some small jewelry is acceptable, but less is best. Nothing too large, shiny, or dangling. Keep distractions from your eyes and face as minimal as possible. You want Casting to look at your face, not your jewelry!

No watches! If you have tan lines from a watch or sunglasses etc, you will want to apply a blending cover up.

Don't forget... Rest up, and keep hydrated! Don't go out partying the night before your session. We want your eyes and body language bright and alert.

A great headshot is not just a case of showing up and looking pretty for the camera... and that goes for you menfolks as well! Being confident with yourself, presence, and presentation will help pave the road to a successful shoot.

Be You, and be proud of it!

Last, but not least! Please be on time, for your sake as well as ours. Rushing causes stress and it may shorten your session. Of course, sometimes delays are inevitable. Should this be the case a quick phone call would be very much appreciated!

We hope these tips help... and if you have any other questions please give us a call!

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